Thursday, July 14, 2011

Faces to go with the names at the Farm

Lucas Rae, Meg's hubby, and their beautiful daughters, Stella and Mia

Carol Hill, design diva . . . note her cool lunchbox . . and she drives the cutest VW bug

Brian Ogle . . . he does TONS for the sisterhood, subscriptions, orders, etc., etc.

Sarah, "resident photographer" . . she was enjoying taking pics of all of us, the fabulous food and everything!

Meg . . enjoying the strawberry shortcake.  And Kim, the maitre d' for the Outpost B&B and Livestock Manager for the farm.  These gals went OVER THE TOP for us!!!

Nick Ogle, MaryJane's hubby . . . drawing a map in the dirt with "backroad" directions to some places we wanted to go.   Every time we saw him he was hauling trash . . what a hard worker and a true gentleman!!


  1. How fun to see the 'workers' behind it all! Thanks. And we all 'owe' you Brian! ;)

  2. So glad you included these photos! I am still dreaming of this trip that I took with all of you vicariously.