Monday, July 18, 2011

Special Visitor from British Columbia

As a surprise for Robin, I (CJ) arranged for my niece, Melanie Danbrook to come and hang out with us in Hayden, ID at Kathy's house.  She lives in British Columbia and just a 6 hour drive.  She is pictured here on the left, next to Robin.  We hadn't seen her in 18 years!!!!  So, she joined all of us there for the farmgirl fun.  WHAT A SPECIAL TREAT!!!!

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

                    CLEAN RIVERS                              
          REDNECK WINE GLASS                                              
     LITTLE GIRLS                                            
          BATHING OUTSIDE                                       
     FARMGIRLS IN APRONS                                                 
             COWGIRL BOOTS                                           
          VINTAGE BOATS                                            

I wanted to post that my favorite things have been the farmgirls that hosted us and that we met along the way, but CJ already did that.  The trip has been a wonderful experience and I want to thank everyone that made it possible.

Diane Van Horn aka Fiddlehead Farm                                      

Friday, July 15, 2011


When Robin and I (CJ) were asked to post a bit about our top favorite things about the road trip we were hard pressed to come up with something because the ENTIRE TRIP WAS OUR FAVORITE!!!

But we have to say that going "boutiquing" with our farmgirl friends was a total hoot!  We did a lot of it and we had a blast!!   Ya' oughta hear Karen Bates haggle . . .she's a pro!!!
"Boutiquing" is what farmgirls do!   Some folks call it "thrifting" or "junking" . . . whatever you call, it's fun!

We ABSOLUTELY LOVED meeting farmgirl friends along the way. We met up with Diane Van Horn and Wende Wagner, and traveled with them.   We were TOTALLY BLESSED by the farmgirl hostesses and their families as we made our way along the road trip route.  It is beyond difficult to find words to describe the families that WENT OVER THE TOP . . and then some . . . to take care of us!   INDESCRIBABLE!!!
The Pilgrim family in Baggs, WY

Denise Smart and her daughter, Kimberly, in Green River, WY
Cy and Diana in Orofino, ID
                                                  The O'Hara family in Coeur d'Alene, ID

These families made our homes away from home spectacular!!!

Robin . . . "Birdie" and CJ

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Faces to go with the names at the Farm

Lucas Rae, Meg's hubby, and their beautiful daughters, Stella and Mia

Carol Hill, design diva . . . note her cool lunchbox . . and she drives the cutest VW bug

Brian Ogle . . . he does TONS for the sisterhood, subscriptions, orders, etc., etc.

Sarah, "resident photographer" . . she was enjoying taking pics of all of us, the fabulous food and everything!

Meg . . enjoying the strawberry shortcake.  And Kim, the maitre d' for the Outpost B&B and Livestock Manager for the farm.  These gals went OVER THE TOP for us!!!

Nick Ogle, MaryJane's hubby . . . drawing a map in the dirt with "backroad" directions to some places we wanted to go.   Every time we saw him he was hauling trash . . what a hard worker and a true gentleman!!

Mothers and Daughters

Megan, Mary Jane's daughter and Robin, CJ's daughter . . . what a couple of sweet daughters!!!

Robin Armstrong-Miller, MaryJane, CJ Armstrong and Megan Rae
MaryJane and CJ "traded" daughters for a few moments in a delightful time of sharing and laughing together.   What a delightful time at the Tea Party at MaryJanes Farm!!

* * *

Another mother/daughter team at the Tea Party was Sharon Bakke and her daughter, Kim Thomas.
Unfortunately they didn't get a special photo taken, but they are pictured in the group picture below.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MaryJanes Farm Sweet Dreams in Moscow , Idaho

Okay.. farmgirls eat your heart out... Picutre this... turning the corner onto Jackson Street, slowing driving and seeing this cute store.

Inside is just a sweet as the outside.  And here is Coleen.  She helps with sewing projects for the magazine.  She was working on tapestry pillows for an up coming issue.  Be sure to check it out. Very nice.

Cowgirl Chocolates in Moscow , Idaho

Home after a very long trip and thought I should get more pics posted.

This blog entry is for Cowgirl Chocolates in Moscow, Idaho.
CindyLou took very good care of us and we got to me Marilyn the "cowgirl" of Cowgirl Chocolates.
Their claim to fame is good chocolate and then good chocolate with spice.  NOT your average spice, but cayenne spice.  Yep, the kind of spice you love or it feels like being kicked by horse with shoes on.
Delicious I must say.  Marilyn had so many great gift ideas too. Here are a few photos from the shop.

CindyLou and Marilyn