Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cowgirl Chocolates in Moscow , Idaho

Home after a very long trip and thought I should get more pics posted.

This blog entry is for Cowgirl Chocolates in Moscow, Idaho.
CindyLou took very good care of us and we got to me Marilyn the "cowgirl" of Cowgirl Chocolates.
Their claim to fame is good chocolate and then good chocolate with spice.  NOT your average spice, but cayenne spice.  Yep, the kind of spice you love or it feels like being kicked by horse with shoes on.
Delicious I must say.  Marilyn had so many great gift ideas too. Here are a few photos from the shop.

CindyLou and Marilyn

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  1. One of my favorite treats..... I also bought one of there "get over it" soaks..... Much needed... matter of fact.. I had to stalk up :)